About Us

Our mission

Providing millennials with the tools and resources they need to make better informed financial decisions.


Meet Chandra, Glo Girl Glo Founder

Chandra, a mom of two, mail carrier, blogger and content creator, and a lover of sneakers, has been budgeting since 2019 after her mom passed. Because of her extensive list of bills, expenses, and debt, she found that the products available in stores didn't have enough lines where she could get organized with her finances. This led her to try different budgeting methods, and she quickly realized that less was more.

Glo Girl Glo was born in 2019 and is the result of the combination of Chandra's interest in side hustles and expertise in budgeting.


Our Store

We opened our store in 2021. We started with affordable activewear clothing for women living active lifestyles. We believed that all women deserve quality activewear without breaking the bank. At the end of 2022, we closed our doors for rebranding.

In May 2023, we went back to our "why" and reopened as a resource for millennials looking to get organized with their finances, make more money, and live a life they love.